Intergalactic 911

A Day in the Life

These people are whack

Once we hit planetside, I wanted to get a sense of the local population so I went souvenir shopping.  These humanoids wear the similar clothes – everyone is in pastels with brown piping or trim and a slight shimmer.  Buying some clothes and chattering with the local store operators, they seemed a bit happier than your average population with a great amount of affirmation towards each other.

Zeta led is to a not so bright leader of the local Constabulary: Ronnie.  He was pleasant, but found nothing of importance at any of the disappearance site.s  We commandeered his files and found he has no real authority (or expected need) to arrest anyone.  He has no weapons – one wonders why he even has his job.

The local populace seems to get upset when they can't provide you with a helpful answer to a question.  When you provide them with one they didn't already have, they readily agree.  Seem a little brainwashed – no one ever fights and they have no jails.  I know – Grix and I tried to get arrested.  Vandalism and theft, they seemed to want to just push it all away and forget it happened.

A visit to the Sponsors building proved uneventful, we weren't able to meet with them directly.  But we did get an appointment with the sponsors in a day and a half.  And Grix scored a couple data pads and a sweet splatter pattern on a potted fungus.

My running theory is that the interspecies sponsors all have a hand in the planet.  There is no competition for supply – each area of the colony has only one provider.  They chose a specific species that was easy to train into affirmative control and they have a process for dealing with people that can't fit into the norm.  We just need to answer what is happening with the missing folk and report it to the people that hired us – the Elders.

Chester and I questioned the relatives and friends of the last few humanoids that disappeared.  He ran data routines in his machine, and we did find some commonalities.  Each person that disappeared is a farmer for the sponsored mushroom farms which is about 40-50% of the population.  Zeta and Grix went on a tour and collected samples.  Mild suspicion that soil samples may contain blue humanoid parts.  Chester started analyzing them…  here we gooo!



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