Intergalactic 911

GrixSquad LiveStream Notes :: S01E01

GrixSquad's First Day!

Hey all you #Grixfans&Minivans! I've got some notes from this week's livestream and I think you're gonna love all of them, as usual!

Unity Police Force finally gave me my own squad! It's a weird bunch of characters, but I think they'll be useful.  My stream views almost tripled once I started working with them. People love the #Grixsquad. That's right! Our new squad name! There was a lot of debate about the name of our team from the others in the previous few weeks. You all remember when I asked for name submissions a month back or so? Well I went through them and I took the best suggestion from the pool! I think it went over great! I took the GrixSquad’s silence as agreement.

GrixSquad suited up and followed my lead as we were sent out on assignment by HQ. I look good myself, but I look even better when I've got my crew slow motion walking behind me in an opening shot. The planet we went to was pretty chill. I took a bunch of great #selfies on the ride over and I think I got a good tip for a sweet moisturizer brand from our driver.

We talked to Ronnie, head of security. Nice dude, great shade of blue. He served me tea and gave me some good factoids on the planet, since one of our assignments was to contribute to the planet's wiki article. I am on point for HQ. I sent the footage back to my editing crew, so keep an eye out! I should have a vid up by end of week. There's also a bunch of missing people, and Ronnie assured me that their clothes disappeared with them. This at least rules out raptures, ghosts, or sudden streaking of any kind. The rest of the #GrixSquad went through his place top to bottom, but the guy had no more information. He didn't have much of anything really. Not even guns and stuff. He didn't seem too bothered, I guess my presence inspires confidence in others! He knew that The Grix has his back. I think I'm packing more heat than anyone else on the planet right now, #winning #BaddestDudeHere #Grix&StonesWillBreakYourBones.

Psymun and I went for a walk to see some Sponsers and get some answers. Word must have spread fast about me being the most well-armed dude on the planet. I think everyone was really happy that I was even around and incredibly friendly. Everyone was super happy just to see me even when they couldn’t answer my questions. It’s hard to not have my reputation to precede me, I guess. No one even cared when I tested my #GrixKnux on a window.

Sponsors wouldn’t see us without an appointment. Big surprise. I tried to explain to Psymun sometimes one has to use head-explodey powers to grease the wheels of buerocracy. He didn’t understand and refused. Oh well. Just more suspense to build for the #GrixSquadFans until I finally convince him to use it. The sponsors, center generously donated two tablet computers to our cause, them being such big fans.

Zeta and I went on a tour of the mushroom facilities. It was right around here that I started having problems with my live stream, as I’m sure you all noticed. Apologies, my tech team is working on a fix #StreamerProblems. Nothing of note happened. It was a tour of the mushroom stuff. We grabbed some soil to analyze. The rest of the squad has apparently seen Soylent Green a few times, since everyone suspects foul play on this planet. I’m inclined to agree but I’m not going to take out my “jump to conclusions” mat just yet.

Gotta wrap up here. I know that everyone’s #AwedByTheGrixSquad, so stay tuned for more updates! See you next time #GrixFans!



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