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The Unity Police Force. A sub department of the Galactic Police. A sub department of the Galactic Council. Put into effect by the combined Galactic World Union. A subsidiary of the Galaxy Maintenance Program for a better Galaxy by way of joint Management through Lesser War, or GMPGMLW for short.

The Galactic Police’s inalienable rights:

1. The right to your own person; no one may enslave you or violate your body.
a. Caveat: some sub-sapient species were enslaved by superior species prior to joining the Galactic Police. Their servitude was grandfathered in upon joining the Unity Police Force.

2. You may not kill any other sapient species.
a. The only exception is in proven defense of one’s own self or in defense of another sapient species’ life.

3. Piracy is punishable by death
a. Any willful action that may endanger a ship’s crew will be tantamount to an act of piracy.

4. These are the laws of space; the laws of a planetary government may be different than the laws of the Galactic Police but no planetary law may supersede these laws.
a. Unity Police are granted the ability to pursue any being accused of crime in space into any jurisdiction; Unity Police are required to work with local authorities while performing their duties. Beings accused of crimes in space are primarily under the prosecutorial jurisdiction of the Unity Police Force, no matter what crimes they may be accused of in any planetary jurisdiction.

5. Accused parties will be judged by an impartial sentient AI network known as the Supreme Galactic Court. All cases are reviewed promptly and accused have the right to legal counsel, whether by sapient being or, if no other available, by AI counsel provided by the Unity Police.
a. Unity Police Force will present the case to the court on behalf of the Galactic Police. Any death penalties will be carried out swiftly by same Unity Police.

Home Page

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